About Us

About Us:

Nirvana means an idealized state (of mind and body) free of pain, worries and sufferings.

At Nirvana Wellness, we create wellness related products to attain the well being. We at Nirvana Wellness believe in the holistic way of well being as the wellness of the whole body including mind as well as body is necessary.

Our product range includes Nutraceuticals and 
Herbal Medications for Arthritis, Sleep Aid, Blood Purifier, Cholesterol, Energy, Obesity, Cough, Joint Pain, Menopause, Female Cycle Regulator, Diabetes, Prostate, Digestion, Growth, Osteoporosis, Digestive Disorders, Iron Deficiency Anaemia, Multi Vitamin-Mineral-Antitoxidants.

All our Herbal Products are made from herbal extracts. Herbs have natural healing properties and help in curing the disease from the root and preventing it.

What makes our Products unique is that we take utmost care in selecting the raw materials i.e. Herbal extracts.

Mission: Contributing to the well-being of people by creating wellness related products as well as by sustaining and protecting the environment in the process.

Vision: To have sustainable growth by using innovative and environmental friendly processes. To ensure the satisfaction of all the stakeholders i.e. employees, channel partners and consumers.